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What Time Should I Post on Social Media?

16 June 2022·Lottie
Social Media

Are you catching the most farmers with your social posts?

Posting when your audience isn’t online is a surefire way to limit your engagement and lose the value of your organic social posts

After all, no one wants to stand talking to an empty room.

Our research, carried out in 2020, showed that 12-2pm is the least popular time for farmers to be online

Spending time, resource and brain-power coming up with a social media content strategy? You’ll want your posts to be seen by the most people. As stated by Hootsuite “algorithms consider “recency” as a major ranking signal” – therefore posting when your audience is online is key to maximising your reach.

So when are farmers using social media then? And when should you post?

Download our Marketing to Farmers report for a full run-down of when are the best times of day to post on social media, in order for the most farmers to see your content.

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With extensive experience in Journalism, podcasts and content, Lottie brings her creative flair to Hillsgreen as PR & Content Manager.



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