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Ag-influencers are a powerful asset for your sales and marketing strategy. Our trusted partnerships with them help us reach your target audience more cost-effectively and grow your marketing activity across multiple channels.

Increase your reach increase your Revenue

We don’t just think influencers can support your marketing strategy and help you reach your business objectives. We know it. We know that 78% of farmers are influenced by other farmers. We know 83% use social media regularly. And we know that at least 36% say influencers inform their buying decisions. Those numbers are growing, and we make sure you can take advantage, matching you with perfect influencers for your brand.

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Effort-Free Engagement

Drawing on our relationships with ag-influencers across the industry, we connect you with the voices best placed to promote your brand. We identify who aligns with your business and who has the most relevant, most engaged audiences. Then we reach out and engage them on your behalf. We believe in a human approach, communication is key.

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Our Influencer Partners

Because of our experience and understanding of agriculture, we’re trusted by ag-influencers across the country to represent them. From Tom Pemberton to Charlotte Ashley Farm, see who we work with and who could help amplify your brand.

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Charlotte Ashley

Charlotte Ashley Farm

Charlotte is a bundle of joy, a creative genius and a straight-talking, hard-grafting farmer, who regularly shares content that follows the highs, the lows and the general shenanigans of farming life. Embarking on her journey into Dairy farming from alongside Beef and Sheep enterprises, no two days are the same with Charlotte.

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Tom Pemberton feeding a cow in the field.

Tom Pemberton

Tom Pemberton Farm Life

Tom is a true legend!! One of the most recognised farmers in the industry. He has been showcasing the farm and his day-to-day life for many years, his opinion is well respected by all.

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Ioan Humphreys


Ioan is one of life’s characters, a complete legend! Passionate about sharing just how brilliant British Agriculture and Food Production are.
He’s a 5th Generation Beef, Sheep, and Poultry farmer in Mid Wales. His content is raw and honest, with a cheeky sense of humour, Ioan always entertains his audience.

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Maria Warne


Maria is a 5th Generation Beef and Sheep farmer, with a passion for a certain blue tractor! She has a wicked sense of humour, is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, sharing family life on the farm. Passionate about bridging that gap between the farmer and the consumer, Maria is keen to show a true picture of Agriculture.

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Olly Harrison

Olly Blogs

Olly produces a daily ‘vlog’ of life on his Arable farms. A true entrepreneur, with a creative mind, his content provides a glimpse into the highs and lows of life on the farm. With 14 income streams in his business, and a touch of humour there is never a dull moment. Sharing visits, events and trials, on top of daily life, Olly’s content is varied, engaging and his following incredibly loyal.

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Rebecca Wilson


Rebecca is a joy! Her content is educational and informative, showing the reason we as farmers do what we do!
A 5th generation Arable & Sheep farmer, farming sustainably in North Yorkshire, Rebecca understands the challenges farmers face first hand. Passionate about raising awareness for the mental health challenges farmers face, she is working to breakdown both the stigma & barriers within the industry.
Becca hosts a podcast, regularly speaks at events and is a well-respected industry leader. She is passionate about bridging the gap between the farmer and consumer through educational and engaging content.

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Drew Steel

Drew's Farmin' Life

Drew’s content is raw and honest. He is straight talking, and authentic. Involved in all aspects of the farm, he can usually be found on a tractor! Running a fleet of New Holland tractors the farm is a busy place.
A mixed farm of Dairy, Beef & Arable, who do all of their own fieldwork, silaging and harvesting. Alongside the daily routine of the dairy and beef enterprises.

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Joe Seels


Joe is a beef & Arable farmer from South Yorkshire, sharing daily life on the farm, Joe engages both the consumer and the farmer alike. A cheeky character, Joe’s content is fun and informative. Sharing the highs and lows, he has built a loyal following. A well recognised personality, Joe regularly appears at events.

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Andrew Ward MBE


Farming 1600 acres, growing wheat, barley, oil seed rape, sugar beet, beans and oats in Lincolnshire, and is the only farmer in the UK growing Capulet beans, the first true, British variety of baked beans.
Andrew is the founder of Forage Aid, a charity set up to provide feed and bedding to farmers affected by severe weather and natural disasters.
A true ambassador for our industry, Andrew was awarded an MBE for his services to Agriculture. Passionate about driving forward, the farm never stands still, technology, knowledge and partnerships at the heart of his business. Well respected, Andrew regularly speaks at industry events and conferences, entertaining his audience with his charm and informative nature

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James Scott

Scotty's Farm

James is a passionate young farmer, new to the dairy sector, he is embarking on his journey with a bright and positive attitude, sharing day to day life on the farm. Seizing every opportunity that comes his way, James is proud to be a NFU Student & Young Farmer Ambassador 2024.

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Eleri Messham

Farmer Lel

Starting her socials in Covid times to share the countryside with the nation, Lel is all about inclusivity and education.
With a passion for livestock from an early age, her small flock of pedigree sheep provide a release from her full-time job Growing up, her grandparents farm was her favourite place to be and she knows that for some viewers her content may be the only opportunity they have to ‘get outside’ in a day.
Passionate about mental health, Lel wants to provide a safe space for all, a no judgement zone

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James Hayes

Machinery Nation

James and his team produce fun and engaging videos where they review, compare and test Agricultural, Groundcare, Forestry, Garden and Construction tools and machinery. Having worked with some of the largest brands in the UK and around the globe, you can be sure to be in good hands to have your products represented to the highest standard and be showcased to a wide relevant audience.
Collectively the team are well versed within their industry’s. With James having grown up on the family beef and sheep farm, running a fencing and groundworks business and also owning an award winning machinery dealership for 12 years. These guys certainly know how to present a product.

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Olivia Cullimore


Creative and just a little bit chaotic – Olivia likes to try and show the fun in farming! Olivia believes in working hand in hand with nature, championing access to home grown, sustainable food, produced on British soil.
Sharing day to day life on the farm, Olivia is passionate about animal health and welfare. With cattle and sheep, there is always something going on. Olivia’s content is light-hearted, uplifting and real, appealing to both farmers and consumers alike.



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Risk-Free Partnerships

Reaching out to potential influencers, negotiating contracts and payments, organising agreements and planning campaigns is very time-consuming. That’s why take care of everything for you. Our existing relationships with influencers streamline the entire process, and we know exactly what needs to be done to kickstart influencer activity for your brand.

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Results-Driven Campaigns

When you’re working with influencers, you want to make sure you get results. Results that increase your reach, boost your marketing activities, and ultimately drive revenue. Our influencer campaigns don’t just focus on brand shout-outs or product promos. We build comprehensive strategies that leverage your influencer marketing across every channel.

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“Working with Hillsgreen has meant that I am able to concentrate on farming, they provide insight and value, taking care of the negotiation and communication with brands ensuring that the agreement works for both parties.”

Charlotte Ashley Farm Content Creator

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