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How Many Farmers Use Social Media?

14 June 2021·Lottie
Social Media

Ever wanted to understand how many actual farmers use social media? Get the latest statistics, not just the word in the yard.

According to our research carried out in 2020, a huge 85% of farmers are using social media channels regularly.

This figure shows the changing landscape within the agriculture community towards digital and social media. Despite the industry having a reputation for being behind the curve, these latest statistics prove otherwise.

Just 5 years previously, only 33% of those in the agriculture sector used social media regularly. This highlights a huge lift in uptake, up 158% since 2015.

Farmers are now using the channels more than ever, for a multitude of reasons. Researching products, connecting with other and building business reputation, as shown here by Farmers Weekly.

As part of our Marketing to Farmers report, we surveyed over 300 farmers; asking them how they use online for their businesses and day-to-day lives. We consolidated the data to get a snapshot of how farmers buy and like to be sold to in 2021.

For more insights into farmers’ online behaviour in 2021, download our Marketing to Farmers report here.

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