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The Riseholme Campus of the University hosts the Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology (LIAT), home to both a functional farm and specialised research facilities. LIAT’s team, comprised of experts from various fields, including artificial intelligence, robotics, engineering, crop science, environmental sustainability, food manufacturing, product development, and supply chains, collaborate to provide leading-edge knowledge and solutions in the agri-food sector.

The Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology enlisted the expertise of Hillsgreen, to promote the Lincoln Agri-Robotics project (LAR). Following the success of the initial campaign during the Winter season, Hillsgreen was tasked with coordinating and delivering another campaign, aimed at raising awareness about LIAT’s programs, facilities, and research excellence in agri-tech and robotics. 

  • To shift the narrative from traditional farming to focus on technology, robotics, and the broader positive societal impacts of the University's initiatives.
  • Increase awareness of LIAT’s cutting-edge research facilities, including the Barclays Eagle Lab for small business start-ups and researchers.

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Recognising the potential of TikTok’s dynamic and youthful user base, we tailored content to resonate with a younger audience. Engaging short video showcased the innovative and exciting aspects of agri-tech research, encouraging a shift towards tech-driven agriculture. Paid promotions on TikTok resulted in viral content, significantly boosting brand awareness among a demographic crucial for shaping the future of the agri-sector. 

 Utilising Meta, TikTok and Linked In for organic social, engaging content was tailored to convey the excitement of agri-tech advancements and the societal impact of LIAT’s research. The campaign successfully elevated brand awareness, reaching a diverse audience that extended beyond traditional student recruitment. Click-through rates were notably high, indicating a strong interest in LIAT’s agri-tech and robotics endeavours. 

 The strategic integration of organic and paid social efforts drove significant traffic to LIAT’s relevant site pages. Prospective students, agri-businesses, and collaborators were directed to detailed information about LIAT’s projects, facilities, and research outcomes, fostering a deeper understanding of the institute’s contributions to the agri-tech sector, and as a result, drove more enquires about their research facilities. 


“We were looking for a marketing agency who really understood our work in agri-tech and agri-robotics. After a successful project to further develop our research in this field, we wanted to share our outputs across our social media platforms. The team at Hillsgreen took the time to get to know us and our requirements. With specialist expertise in agricultural marketing and our various audiences, Hillsgreen developed and managed a social media campaign to showcase our work that exceeded our expectations. As a result we have increased awareness of and engagement with our ground-breaking work and have a strong foundation of content and increased audience numbers to build upon.”

Laura Spencer Project Manager

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