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Weddings are big business. Although Heaton House Farm diversified from a family-run dairy farm to a stunning countryside wedding venue many years ago, competition from other venues has grown rapidly.

In an extremely competitive industry where couples shop around, they needed to increase the quality of their enquiries, engage visitors, and tell the story of their incredible farm.

They also had to maintain their visibility online, grow their social presence, and stand out as a one-of-a-kind place to get married.

The overall goal for Heaton House Farm was more enquiries and more wedding bookings. Where we could increase traffic through highly effective blog and landing page content, alongside a successful paid search campaign, we needed to focus on quality. With only a set number of days in the year to hold weddings, growing the number of leads that were likely to convert was key. This meant a refocus on the Heaton House brand, promoting the luxury and character of the wedding venue and encouraging couples to increase their spend when booking.

  • Increase wedding enquiries
  • Increase wedding bookings
  • Increase company visbility

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With a deep understanding of their audience we:
We oversaw the launch of a stunning new website. By focusing on different wedding types across the Heaton House website, with new landing pages, targeted blogs and ‘real-life’ stories, we’ve been able to showcase the stunning wedding venue and attract a wide demographic of couples planning their dream wedding.
Regular, highly focused website content increased organic visibility by over 30% and combatted Google updates with search-intent restructuring. As a result, we saw a 115% increase in organic enquiries
With targeted messaging on PPC ads, traffic was boosted, increasing PPC enquiries by 218%. Cost per enquiry for Paid Advertising was reduced by 52%.
A highly successful social campaign supported conversions for Heaton House Farm – social traffic grew by 370% and increased enquiries from social media by 1,279%.
With an improved conversion rate from the new website, up 40% over two years, bookings were up 28% YoY

Hillsgreen’s no-nonsense approach and clear terminology is so simple to understand. They are excited to trial the latest strategies or technologies, and the improvements are impressive! We receive detailed reports which are assessed in-depth and plans amended to gain the highest possible outcome, along with predicted forecasts so we have clear direction. Hillsgreen is the best of both worlds, a team of the highest skilled individuals at the top of their game, not charging the prices that agencies do – get in contact with them, they will revolutionise your business!

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