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Launched in 2018, Excavator Parts Direct (EPD) is as an online solution for busy machine operators looking for a comprehensive range of parts at the best possible price point.

Following a referral from another client, Excavator Parts Direct reached out to Hillsgreen to discuss how they could support them in growing their construction parts online store. Having self-managed all the digital marketing efforts for the first few years, EPD had identified that sourcing an agency to support a steep growth plan was necessary. They aimed to target the machinery owner-operator audience, particularly those involved in the Agriculture Industry, leveraging Hillsgreen’s expertise in both Agriculture and Construction industries.

  • Grow online sales year on year.
  • Grow or maintain average order value
  • Grow online store sessions


increase in sales


increase in store sessions


increase in Average Order Value


Google Ads played a pivotal role in driving a large proportion of sessions and revenue for the site. Although the account was well-structured, we did an initial audit of the site performance through Google Analytics and Google Ads, where we identified opportunities for improvement, particularly in terms of campaign structure and the merchant centre feed. By optimising these aspects and simultaneously increasing our budget, we aimed to not only boost revenue but also achieve a consistent Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). A significant aspect of our strategy involved the optimisation of the product feed. We undertook a comprehensive effort to refine product titles, categories, and descriptions, along with other product feed data. Collaborating closely with our client, we systematically extracted data from the website backend, organised it for each product, and then reconstructed it into shopping titles and relevant feed data. The results speak for themselves. Our proactive approach to enhancing the product feed and making strategic adjustments led to a remarkable 74% YoY growth in shopping revenue, whilst maintaining a strong ROAS.

The second area of primary growth was identified as organic search, another large contributor to the business. We looked at delivering technical SEO support through this first phase of work. This had two primary benefits for the site. Firstly, building the technical health of the site would allow search engines to crawl and index the site more effectively; this would give a boost to the overall visibility of the site when users searched for relevant products, thus increasing sessions and revenue. Secondly, the long-term effect of investing in SEO would help to reduce the reliance on paid media, we would be able to take learnings from Google Ads and transfer that to Organic Search.

After addressing the two highest-performing channels we then identified that the store shouldn’t be reliant on too few channels. Small changes in structures and algorithms, that are out of our control, could have a significant impact on the store. In addition to this, there were key areas of the customer journey that were missing contact points, this led us to recommend investment in Paid Social Ads and Behavioural Email Paths.

Paid Social presents an opportunity to impact the user journey throughout the funnel. As a relatively young business that had previously focused its marketing efforts at the bottom of the funnel, we needed to complement the activity through driving new demand within high reach cost-efficient platforms. Utilising the broad reach of Meta, our campaigns were structured to build traffic on the site for brand awareness, and then re-market to that traffic, to drive revenue. 2023 saw YoY new users reached grow by 543%, traffic by 1379%, social attributed sales by 3677% and revenue by 3248% (above and beyond the increased social spend of +895%).

The final piece of the approach is email. Automated email pathways allowed us to harness the significant email list that EPD already held, whilst also delivering a better user experience, to new users that we were acquiring. Email pathways were to focus on a few key areas initially: Welcome Journey, Post Purchase Journey, Abandon Cart and Reactivation email. These journeys strategically delivered discounts, collected reviews, and prompted users to engage.

A conversation rate increase of 7% and an average order value increase of 3%, plus an increase of sessions by 37% has driven these results. In conjunction with this, the return customer rate has also strengthened by 11%, as this increases it will help to lower the cost per acquisition.

We’ve seen substantial growth this year since partnering with Hillsgreen and their team. Our financial results have been strong, and we’ve developed a close working relationship. Hillsgreen has played a key role in enhancing our marketing efforts and helping us reach our goals.

Terry Paterson Head of E-commerce


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