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The Importance of Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

30 May 2023·Chloe

Mental well-being is a crucial part of leading a fulfilling and successful life, and is vital in the workplace. Positively managing mental wellbeing in the workplace heightens team engagement and increases productivity, whilst reducing both staff absenteeism and staff turnover.

When struggling with mental health issues we are more likely to take time off from work. With 1 in 6 workers now being described as dealing with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or stress, it is vital that we identify and support these people. A team member is more inclined to invest emotionally in the company when they feel appreciated and supported, helping to increase employee retention.

A workplace that values mental health awareness creates a positive environment which strongly promotes teamwork and collaboration. When employees feel supported, they are more likely to ‘stand together’ and communicate effectively, resulting in high-quality output and excellent relationships. Team members that have good mental health are more productive, focused and motivated.

Organisation’s are only as strong as their team, as a happy and healthy workforce is likely to be more productive as the team feel valued and supported. This, in turn, helps to improve employee retention – recognising this is the first step to improving wellbeing in the workplace.

How can we improve workplace wellbeing?

  • Creating a positive, open environment in the workplace shows support for the team as they are given time to ‘breath’, reflect and time to grow. A workplace culture where employees feel appreciated and listened to gives the team a chance to identify and address any mental health concerns they have.
  • Hybrid working and encouraging regular breaks throughout the day can contribute positively to the team’s mental wellbeing, as it creates a flexible working environment, providing employees with the ability to choose where they work and when they take some time out.
  • It is important to have trained managers with the ability to recognise the signs that their team may be struggling. Keeping an open conversation flowing ensures every member feels able to talk and knows that they will always be supported.
  • A strong leadership is fundamental in creating a positive, transparent and clear culture, which values its team’s mental wellbeing.

Hillsgreen and our workplace wellbeing

At Hillsgreen we operate a positive working environment offering support, a healthy work-life balance and opportunities to grow and develop.

We are dedicated to ensuring our teams mental wellbeing is sound, so we provide a wellness benefit for the team to invest in their wellbeing, reward success in our monthly celebrations and are committed to ensuring the team have a flexible working hours to allow for those ‘life happens’ moments. Our monthly 121’s provides an opportunity to score work and personal wellbeing happiness, giving managers an insight into how the individual is feeling. This creates a supportive working environment, allowing us to learn from our experiences and adopt new practices where necessary.

Our culture is constantly evolving, with key values and behaviors forming the basis of this, and the people being at the heart. By encouraging the team to live our values in every workplace decision they make, we are growing a strong and healthy team who are willing to challenge decisions if they do not align with the Hillsgreen values.

Mental health and well-being are essential in the workplace, and employers have a responsibility both legally and morally to promote it. Ensuring a strong mental well-being within the team is paramount to everyone’s personal success.

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Chloe is currently completing a digital marketing apprenticeship, while supporting the digital marketing team with organic and paid social activity.


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