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Hillsgreen Welcomes Leah Davies

25 November 2022
Hillsgreen Team

A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Leah. I am excited to have recently joined team Hillsgreen as a Marketing Assistant.

Although I didn’t live on our farm as a child. I have spent most of my days on our family farm which is just outside Denbigh, North Wales.

Originally a small dairy farm with a few sheep, both my grandfather and father decided to pack in the milking and focus on their flock of pedigree British and Dutch Texels. With my interest in agriculture developing I started my own flock of Dutch Texels (Although my luck with sheep is proving minimal in building up flock numbers). We have also delved into the world of Pigs. I recenty won a place on a pig initiative scheme through Wales YFC with my younger sister. This is proving to be a steep learning curve.

I am an active member of Nantglyn Young Farmers Club and love making the most of the endless opportunities it has to offer. From public speaking to marking a fool of myself on stage – I always love to get stuck in! Currently I am Club Treasurer and an avid believer that joining your local YFC club is one of the best things a young person can do. That is if you take up on as many experiences as you can that YFC has to offer. You get as much out as what you put in!

In my spare time, (that is when it’s not being taken up by YFC, the sheep or pigs) I enjoy creating graphic design pieces such as logos and prints. I am also into Photography and when I get a chance enjoy playing Hockey as well.

Upon completion of my A-levels, I went straight to university to study Graphic Design at Liverpool John Moores University. Although knowing deep down that University maybe wasn’t for me – It felt like the best way to start my career. I always knew Marketing would be a sector I would enjoy. But was told that gaining a degree in Graphic Design would be the best option for me to then go on to build my career in marketing. But University wasn’t for me. I went back for my second year, but the course wasn’t providing me with what I needed. After not seeing any results, not working on projects that I was passionate about and probably the most influential factor was that I wasn’t at home, in the countryside and not surrounded by sheep and hills. I made the decision then to take a year out and find what truly drives me in life.

I had been eyeing up Hillsgreen for a few months thinking that it would be a great place for me to start my career within agri-marketing after I completed my degree. But finally, having had enough of University life and decided to send a message to Andy over Linkedin. All whilst in a lecture one week asking if there were any available positions at Hillsgreen. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

I sent over my CV and a portfolio of my work and had a call booked with Shawbawn. It is from then on, I knew Hillsgreen was a company I would love working for. With no position available at the time, I asked if work experience would be a possibility. I knew I would learn so much about marketing from work experience and wanted to see what Hillsgreen was all about in real life. It’s safe to stay after my first day I knew the only place I wanted to start my marketing career was at Hillsgreen.

I felt like everything had finally clicked! A career where agriculture and creativity being end-result driven were placed together. Luckily for me, there was a need for my skillset in-house and I was then offered a job here. And I was ecstatic. From being in university doing work only to gaining marks about topics I wasn’t passionate about to my work being appreciated and making a difference in an industry I live and breathe.

Now I am now finding my feet in marketing and learning rapidly. I have learned so much in the weeks I have been here and cannot be more excited to see where the company is going next and to see where I develop as a person.

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