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Your Target Audience: Understanding Farmers Minds with Marketing to Farmers

21 November 2022·Chloe
Marketing Strategy

Marketing To Farmers 2022

Over the past decade, there has been a vast extension in the number of farmers online. Today many have embraced the use of technology on farms and willingly search online for the best deals on farm supplies and equipment. Have you considered digital marketing when promoting your products or services to the agricultural industry?

We surveyed over 600 British Farmers for our 2022 Marketing to Farmers Report. We understand farmers online behaviours even more year on year. The report explores the challenges faced in the agricultural industry, trends with farmers on the internet, and the use of buying and selling online. As a business targeting farmers, understanding what they want from you, when they want it and where is the start to an effective marketing strategy.

Do you understand what farmers think and do?

The Marketing to Farmers report provides valuable insights to help you know and understand your target audience better.

Our survey highlighted specific time frames in which a strong majority of farmers spend their time online and indicated how often they use the internet for various activities. Agriculture is a unique industry. Making it important to consider when the farmers you are targeting towards are active online. This will help your business get in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Helping to drive real results to your business.

With no signs of decline in the use of digital platforms and technological advancements, most respondents now buy and sell online. Do you know how many farmers are willing to spend £10,000 or more online? With this in mind, it is crucial to have a great website. This ensures your business’s dominance against competitors – Remember, your website is your shop window!

Engagement from farmers on social media varies across the different platforms and channels, and changes with the age demographic of the industry. Our report communicates which social channels are popular, and which are not used by farmers of specific age groups. Recognising where your core audience spends their time on social media is important. Posting at key times will ensure your social content is reaching the right people and receiving maximum engagement.

Not downloaded the Marketing to Farmers report yet? Here’s why you should:

Our Marketing to Farmers report highlights some fundamental insights beneficial to a successful marketing strategy. The continued acceleration of the digital world highlights the significance in having the ability to communicate with consumers online. This report gives vital insight into how you can alter your marketing practices to get in front of and communicate directly with your farming audience.

To read more, download the Marketing to Farmers guide today ➡️ https://www.hillsgreen.co.uk/marketing-to-farmers-report-2022/

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Chloe is currently completing a digital marketing apprenticeship, while supporting the digital marketing team with organic and paid social activity.



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