Grow Your Own

Marketing any business is no easy task. Marketing and running a rural business is a huge challenge – but it has huge rewards when you get it right. We’re here to help make sure you get it right with our 12-month Grow Your Own Marketing Mentoring programme. We help you focus on your marketing, while juggling all other parts of your business, so you make the right choices at the right time.

We’ll help you understand if you need SEO or CRO, PPC or PR. We’ll help you figure out your social strategy or product strategy. And we’ll make sure all your marketing is targeted, worthwhile and most importantly, effective.

To get the most out of Grow Your Own you must:

  • Be looking to grow your business
  • Be self-motivated with a will to try new things
  • Be ambitious and looking to make waves in the industry
  • Be determined
  • Be open to being challenged

Planning and Strategy

Start the year with a personal marketing session with one of the Hillsgreen Team. Together we’ll create your bespoke 12-month marketing plan that details exactly how to drive your business forwards.

Accountability and Advice

To make sure you follow your personal marketing plan, we’ll be checking in every single month. You'll have an hour of our time to use as needed - whether it's providing support via email or an hour monthly call to run through your actions.

Reporting and Results

Helping you stay focused, we’ll give you access to your own Marketing Data Dashboard, where you’ll find all the data from all your marketing activities. You'll have access to monthly reports pinpointing exactly what's working and what isn't.


Get in touch and one of the Hillsgreen team will contact you to help with your enquiry


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