2019 Report – How Are You Marketing To Farmers?

By Aidie Street
15th December 2019

And could you be doing it a lot better?

If your business is focused on the rural landscape, and a large proportion of your audience is working farmers, you probably already know how to market to them, right?  They read farming publications and attend local markets. They love to visit rural shows and check out new products, and generally, they spend a lot of their time talking with other farmers, getting recommendations, and sticking with the tried and tested.

Most of this may be true (largely). But whilst it might be tempting to think of farmers as working in the middle of field, surrounded by cows, sheep or grain and without any type of internet access – this is simply NOT the case. The farming landscape is changing. Connectivity has greatly increased, devices and software are more prevalent than ever before, and farmers can, do and like to buy online.

So if you are not marketing to farmers online – you are missing a trick.

The many generations of farmer

Traditionally, farming publications have dominated the rural marketing industry, with 88% of farmers regularly using them for information and advice. But there are many other channels and platforms that can be equally – if not more – effective, both on and offline.

The kinds of channels you use – and the way you market to farmers – should all depend on the generation you are engaging with. More mature farmers and baby boomers engage with technology in a different way to those millennials and generation ‘Z’ers who are hoping to take over the running of the farm sooner rather than later. Whereas the older generation may prefer a more personal method of communication, that’s not to say they don’t occasionally ‘Google’. And just because a millennial’s day might revolve around technology that’s always on and connected, that doesn’t mean they don’t value personal recommendations.

Each generation is different, and each prefers a different way of marketing. Our marketing to farmers guide can help you identify who to target, and how to reach them.

Technology is going (or gone) rural

Broadband services now extend to 95% of the population, including those living in rural areas. Even back in 2014, 84% of farms had internet access and used it regularly, a figure that’s consistent across the country. And for farm business, technology is integral – whether that’s digital software, information and advice, or online purchasing. 37% use technology on a daily basis for farm business. Over 85% use it at least once a week.

What that means for you as a business who’s marketing to farmers is that the digital sphere is an essential place where you need to be – in front of farmers at every opportunity.

Download our full report

The proportion of farmers who’ve bought or sold anything online for their farm business has increased by a huge 75% in the last 4 years – and it’s getting bigger. It’s not an area you can afford to ignore.

Our full report on marketing to farmers will help you:

  • Segment your advertising to different generations of farmers
  • Understand how farms and farmers use technology
  • Explore the possibilities and opportunities with social media
  • Get in front of key buyers.

Simply click the link below to automatically download our full Marketing To Farmers report 2018.

Marketing To Farmer Report 2019 – Click Here


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