Improve Communications With Social Media

By Aidie Street
3rd June 2020

Improve Communications With Social Media

Communication with new and existing customers would traditionally have been through trade shows, fairs, open days and print media, but with the digital landscape drastically changing, this is not the case anymore. Digital marketing has opened up a whole new can of worms, and social media is a channel not to be dismissed!  

What is Social Media?

Simply put, social media refers to a range of websites and applications that enable us to communicate with each other and share information. But as I am sure you can appreciate; this is a particularly broad meaning.

Focusing on social media for business, it’s an online channel which allows communication with clients, customers and employees (to name a few) – whether they are previous clients, current clients or prospective customers.

Although primarily aired as a personal channel, many more businesses are using this opportunity to build on and create rapports with key stakeholders.

Social Media Channels

Whilst social media channels are in abundance, the days of Bebo and MySpace are well and truly gone.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the five key channels which you should be considering for your business (And TikTok too if you’re looking to target the under 30’s crowd). For every business, each platform you use should serve a different purpose and it’s important to be clear on this from the very beginning.

However, you don’t need to be on every channel – Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok in particular might not be necessary for every business, unless your product or service gives you strong visual content that appeals to the masses, don’t bother! It’s vital to make sure you are where your audience are, so avoid the unnecessary time. 

The Benefits
  1. Increase brand awareness – Social media enables you to speak to new and existing customers, whatever the industry! According to Sherpa Marketing, 80% of users are connected with at least one brand on Instagram, and 60% use the channel to connect with new businesses.

  2. Humanises your brand – The saying people buy from people could not be any more relevant when talking about social media. It’s ok for a business to have a personality, so get to know your customers and understand theirs.

  3. Enables you to share your knowledge – Social media is the perfect place to share your knowledge of your industry and drive people to your site to convince your audience that you know what you are talking about! A LinkedIn study highlighted that 80% of buyers consider thought leadership key to gaining their trust. If you show what you know, sales will increase! And this isn’t just the case for B2B’s either.

  4. Stay front of mind – Social media allows you to be creative and stand out from the crowd, day in and day out, so it certainly will help to keep you front of mind for your audience.
Want to get started?

It’s so easy to get stuck in and start your social journey, but we urge you to stop and think! Having a proper strategy in place will make your social media campaign a lot more successful! Here are five steps that you SHOULD take before starting your journey:

The Content Marketing Matrix

Too much of one, and not enough of another… can make your social media content drab and boring, so make sure you mix your content up!

When you’re planning your content calendar, you should ask yourself what the post is for? Make sure you have an equal amount of entertainment, education, inspiring and convincing content in there! This will keep your audience engaged and willing to buy your product or service.

Top tip for dealing with negativity

Life on the internet can be stressful! We can spend hours thinking up innovative and interesting content for just one person to come and ridicule you and your page on social media. Let’s be honest, we can take it personally. But don’t!

There is absolutely no point getting in an argument with a troll who is only out to cause trouble for you and your business – If you are being trolled on social media, don’t rise to it! It is ok to ignore the comments because your true customers will look past that.

But if there are genuine negative comments on your page from your customers or clients, then these MUST be dealt with efficiently. That doesn’t mean you have to solve the problem for all to see, it is ok to take the issue offline. You’re far more likely to keep up a better relationship with your customers if you solve the problem effectively and efficiently.

If you see key themes in the negative comments appearing, make a change! You should never see a negative comment as a failure, it’s simply a way to improve.

How to Succeed At Social Media

We have five top tips to help you achieve results via social media:

  1. Know your audience!
  2. Be Concise
  3. Use Your Data!
  4. Tailor Your Content
  5. Engage with Influencers.

To find out why we feel these will help you, listen to our Rural Roundtable webinar:


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