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Warrendale Wagyu Farmers

Established in 2017, Warrendale Wagyu are a Yorkshire based Wagyu Beef Business, currently working in partnership with over 500 farmer partners across the UK. They work with forward-thinking dairy farmers, to cross full blood Wagyu genetics to produce a Wagyu Cross, known as an F1 Wagyu.  

Warrendale Wagyu sought the expertise of Hillsgreen in 2021 for their paid social media strategy and continued the partnership from January 2022 to December 2023, focusing on paid search, paid social, email journeys, and SEO to achieve short-term success and lay a robust foundation for future growth.

Building upon the strong baseline established in the first year, Hillsgreen implemented a seasonal campaign-based approach, tailoring messaging and creative to specific audience demographics to enhance brand exposure and drive conversion.

In the second year (Jan 23 – Dec 23), we built upon our strong foundation with a seasonal campaign approach. These focused campaigns, tailored to specific audience demographics, significantly increased both revenue and conversion rates.

Our efforts went beyond digital campaigns. We designed and distributed leaflets, conducted email audits, and fine-tuned Warrendale Wagyu’s tone of voice and brand messaging. This holistic approach ensured a comprehensive and successful marketing strategy, solidifying Warrendale Wagyu’s market presence and delivering tangible results.

  • Enhance brand visibility and attract farmer leads.


Increase in revenue YoY


Increase in users YoY

Our work with Warrendale Wagyu began with a thorough audit of their performance data across all channels. This involved leveraging analytics programs and ongoing performance assessments to establish a robust baseline. Building upon this foundation, we meticulously developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on the gathered data, guiding our strategies across various channels.
Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy spanned paid search, paid social, email journeys, and SEO. By actively learning from campaign outcomes, we continually optimised and refined our strategies for maximum effectiveness. Introducing a seasonal campaign calendar allowed us to strategically time our efforts, presenting captivating ads and compelling copy to maximise performance.
In addition to our online endeavours, we complemented our digital marketing campaigns with offline activities, including the distribution of leaflets. We carefully analysed Warrendale Wagyu's tone of voice and brand messaging to ensure their appeal resonated strongly with the target audience, optimising both brand perception and conversion rates.
Throughout this process, collaboration was at the forefront of our approach. By embracing Warrendale's ideas and suggestions, we ensured a harmonious partnership that maximised the success of their campaigns across all fronts.

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