Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an endless world of opportunities for getting in front of customers at every stage of their life cycle. Whether they’ve never heard of your business, or they’re an existing customer group ready for an up-sell!

With social channels being such immense platforms, a paid social strategy is the only way to ensure your content is seen by the audiences you target. Through either ‘boosting’ or ads manager, you can set your own objectives, find new, existing or previous customers and get them to engage with you in whatever format you choose.

Social media advertising is an art, with constant tweaking and close management by our experts, at every step of the way you can track performance and ensure return on investment.

Hillsgreen are particularly proud to have a close relationship with Facebook & Instagram, with direct access to the Facebook team. We work alongside platform leaders to build and manage the most efficient campaigns for our clients.


Keeping you front of mind with previous website/app visitors, re-marketing encourages users to return to your site. This creates a vital link between the open web and social platforms, incorporating their previous behaviour on your site.

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Going to your customers, where they hang out. Using specific audiences, you can select who sees your ads and find new customers. Showing your products/services to users who may be unfamiliar with your brand yet match your target profile.


Influencers are individuals who inspire, educate, or are trusted by their following on social platforms. When projects are executed well, influencers have the power to skyrocket demand for products/services.


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