SEO Services (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Services – probably the epitome of marketing jargon! Try not to switch off! Often described as ‘getting your website further up Google’, there’s actually much more to this practice.

Put simply, SEO is all about how search engines understand your site and the content you put on it. These search engines hold the keys to your customers, and you can think of SEO as your method to make your site as attractive as possible. When these search engines understand your website and what you do, this channel will become more powerful than any other marketing activity you commit to.

Working on your SEO is an investment, there’s no quick fix, unfortunately! Over time it will compound to drive people, who are naturally looking for something you can provide, to your site. There is a range of best practices that should be consistently implemented across your site in order to get your site as high up the rankings as possible.

SEO services require a financial investment, but it compounds, unlike other paid digital marketing channels. What I mean by this is that good content is delivered well, drive users, more users indicates that the content is good, which results in higher positions. This all happens as long as Google can understand what your site and pages are about. That’s SEO. Making sure Google understands your site and your knowledge.

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We often start with a technical audit. This looks at the foundation of how search engines, view, store and deliver your site's pages.

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Content is one of the core competencies when looking at SEO. It indicates to a search engine what your site is about, and it should deliver value to a user. We focus on developing a strong content strategy, supported by research and data. We then execute the creation of that content.


The final part of good SEO is the authority of your site. This is measured by the number of other websites that point to your site. A strong Digital outreach campaign can be likened to Digital PR. Showing other websites that you have good content, that they want to feature, share or even just point their users to.


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