Paid Search

Seen those websites that come up first with ‘Ad’ when you search? Or targeted adverts showing as you browse your favourite websites? These are prime examples of Paid Search.

If you’re looking to drive users to your site, paid search can provide a hit of traffic by getting your website to appear at the top of the results for specific keywords. Basically, enabling you to jump the queue of search engine results!

It works almost like a constant auction. You pay a bid ‘fee’ in order to appear above competing web pages for specific keywords. This allows you to control which keywords you will appear highly for. Sounds straight forward right? Sadly it’s not! Search engines don’t just display the highest bidder, they also take quality and relevance into account.

Just like most things in digital marketing, paid search is constantly evolving. There are a multitude of ways you can use it; from search engine text ads (as we outlined above) to Google Shopping and Remarketing.


Pay Per Click offers a great channel to deliver potential customers or leads that are tailored to your targets. Pay per click adverts often are those at the top of a search, they occupy the top 3 spaces and can be a great way to support traffic to your site while you build your organic ranking.


Display advertising are ads that pop up on various websites and social platforms. These can be set to track and target existing website visitors, known as remarketing, or static ads that pop up on other relevant sites.


A lot like pay per click, google shopping connects with your product catalogue on your website and delivers these items at the top or side of the Google search results.


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