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5th April 2018


Buy tickets for Marketing Your Rural Business: Understand, Improve, Grow.

We’re all guilty of sticking with what we know, and doing the tried and tested. It’s safe, it’s comfortable, and it gets the job done. But is it doing the job the best way possible? Marketing is a funny thing. It changes all the time. There’s always new developments, new buzzwords, new ways of doing things. In fact, it can be a bit of a minefield. How are you supposed to know what’s good for your business, and what isn’t. How do you know what will work, and if it’s going to drive growth?…You don’t.

We don’t either. But we can show you how to truly understand your marketing and your current strategy. And we can give you the tools and knowledge to effectively try new things and MEASURE successes.

And we can help you drive growth.


We’re hosting a brand new workshop on Thursday 26th April, and we’d love for you to join us. It’s called Marketing Your Rural Business: Understand, Improve, Grow.  We’ve gathered all our experts together so that we can help you. We want to help you understand your own marketing, so that you can grow your business effectively.  We want to show you the best, tried and tested tactics that we’re confident will work for rural businesses like yours.

We want to help you learn how to effectively identify, track and measure your marketing activity, so you can accurately see what works for you, and what doesn’t. Then we’ll show you how to capitalise on this.


Our workshops are all about you – we tailor everything to your business, your current knowledge and your experiences.

You’ll learn:

• How you can get the most out of your website
• Why your brand and your rural identify is your biggest asset
• How producing content can help you stand out and make a difference
• Why both psychology and statistics are vital to your business plans
• What good digital marketing could mean (and how there’s lots of bad information about it!)

We’re not running this workshop to show off our knowledge. We’re doing it to help you grow your business.  So what that means in practice is a very informal, friendly event. There’ll be lots of refreshments, lots of chatting one-on-one with our team, and lots of problem solving.

It’s not just presentations and talking at you. It’s USEFUL information that will actually help you. In fact, we’ve got dedicated time to directly address the current problems you’re facing.  That’s because we want to make sure you get maximum value from this workshop, and leave with some of the best action points that you can implement RIGHT AWAY to start improving your results.

Register now for the Marketing Your Rural Business Workshop


We start at 10am on Thursday 26th April. We’ll be hosting in the stunning surroundings of Heaton House Farm, just outside of Macclesfield.  We’ll wrap things up by 3pm, and of course, lunch is on us.

Our prices are as low as possible, because we genuinely want to help you.

• Just £125 + VAT for the full day
• OR £100 + VAT each for two or more people from the same business.

Already a client with Hillsgreen? We’ve got some special discounts for you

We’re not ones for showing off, and we’re definitely not into big formal presentations, complicated jargon and vague advice.

Join us for this workshop, and you’ll actually understand digital marketing when you leave, have answers to the problems you’re facing, and be able to make some positive changes immediately.

Would you be willing to come along and get some top tips to market your business more effectively?

Buy tickets for Marketing Your Rural Business: Understand, Improve, Grow.

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