Following a survey of 649 British farmers, our Marketing to Farmers Report is back for 2022 and it's bigger than ever!

The agricultural industry is often perceived as being behind the times when it comes to technology, the internet, and consumer behaviour, but that is just not the case.

Many great agricultural and rural businesses get stuck in the trap of thinking of your ‘traditional’ farmer, whatever that may be.

But, farmers are using the latest technology – we’d argue that they’re in fact more advanced than most! And farmers of all ages have buying influence, therefore we can no longer look at farmers as being ‘traditional’ or ‘old-school’ even if this may still be true for some.

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Marketing To Farmers Report 2022

If you’re a marketer in the agricultural industry, then your essential guide to marketing to farmers online is here.

The latest installment of the Marketing to Farmers report has landed, and it’s bigger and better than ever!

  • Farmers buying behaviour
  • How they behave online
  • Their Social Media activity
  • And much more!

    What Time?

    Overall statistics don't align to our research. Farmers are active at different times of day to a consumer audience. Focus your efforts at the right time and maximise your marketing.

    What Channel?

    Social media has boomed, with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tik Tok now dominating the market. It might surprise you which channel you should focus on.

    Buy or Sell?

    Should you be pushing into the ecommerce space? Do Farmers buy and sell online? Our report sheds light on and provide insight into Farmers activity when purchasing online.

    How to Communicate?

    Don't fall into the trap we see regularly. This simple approach to marketing and communicating with farmers is tried, test and successful.

    Who are the decison makers?

    Push that traditional view of farm influencers and decision-makers from your mind. You will see who you should be targetting and why/

    Over 200 Businesses

    Marketing to Farmers 2021 has been downloaded over 200 times, supporting those business to make more informed decisions and improve their marketing ROI.

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