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1st February 2018

Hillsgreen Marketing Consultants, owned and managed by Andy Venables, has just launched its new website, as it continues to expand with a unique offering to rural businesses.  Venables, who was part of Manchester digital marketing agency Return’s leadership team for almost a decade, set up Hillsgreen in 2016 to bridge the gap between digital marketing skills and the rural way of life.  “I’ve always been passionate about the rural sector, but for many big city centre agencies, it’s just not seen as being ‘cutting-edge’ or ‘on-trend.’ I wanted to show people that these rural businesses are so inspiring, and have so much to offer,” says Andy.

Following partnerships with high profile clients like Protec International, Lely and Heaton House Farm, Hillsgreen has gone from strength to strength as it helps connect rural businesses with the skills and expertise they need to grow.  “Our new website builds on our fresh approach to marketing,” continues Andy. “We want to provide rural businesses with the right help and support at the right time, and they shouldn’t have to pay through the roof for that, or get bogged down with generic solutions that don’t work for their industry.”

Hillsgreen specialises in bringing bespoke project teams and expert consultants together, to help rural industries access the best advice and the highest level of skills, without paying city centre prices.  Delivering a wide variety of services under business planning, marketing strategy and online marketing management, Hillsgreen is carving a niche for itself as the go-to agency for the rural sector – and for many businesses outside of that industry too.

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