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22nd February 2019

Today we’re launching a brand new, country-wide initiative in the UK, aimed at increasing awareness, supporting rural businesses and improving the health of everyone.

It’s called Mission4Milk, and it’s something we’re all extremely passionate about here at Hillsgreen.


What is Mission4Milk?

Mission4Milk is our campaign to show everyone around the country just how good milk is – and how it’s really important for your health.

We want to get milk talked about again. We want people of all ages – kids, teenagers and adults alike – to realise how and why dairy milk should be a part of your daily lifestyle.

And we want to help dairy farmers across the country raise their profiles and showcase the amazing work they do (and the delicious milk their cows produce).

Basically, it’s our mission to change the way you think about milk.

Why the big deal?

We’ve always had a passion for milk. Some of us grew up on dairy farms, some of our families still run dairy farms, and we work with dairy farmers on a regular basis.

We know how great cow’s milk is – but we’ve seen perceptions and understandings of it change over time.

Milk was once promoted and marketed across the UK, with school kids given free milk every day. Now, the milk board has long been disbanded, milk is sold as a simple, unbranded commodity, and it has to compete on shelves with an ever-growing product range of dairy-free alternatives.

So most of us have forgotten just how good milk is.

What’s so good about dairy milk?

A glass of milk is packed full of health benefits. It has excellent levels of vitamins and nutrients – like B2 and B12, Calcium and Iodine – that you won’t find naturally in other places.

A lot of us know how important calcium is for healthy bones and good strong teeth. It’s vital we get calcium into our bodies – especially when we’re young and growing.

But cow’s milk is also a great source of protein too and B vitamins – the type that help us produce healthy blood cells and support our immune system.

Perhaps most importantly – and the least well known – cow’s milk is the best place to get iodine from. Iodine helps our brain develop and is essential for our nervous system.

All these natural health benefits of milk are often overlooked or not even known.

We want to change that.

Want to be part of our Mission4Milk?

If you’d like to get involved with our Mission4Milk, then we’d love to have your help. There are lots of ways you can take part. You could:

  1. Film yourself attempting the milk pint challenge (drink a pint of milk as fast as you can) and then nominate a friend
  2. Take a selfie with your morning milk – or however you like to enjoy the good stuff
  3. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagramand YouTube– and spread the word
  4. Share your thoughts on milk, and any ideas you have – on our Mission4Milk website

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