Marketing might be our day job, but farming is our passion. If you hadn’t guessed already. We grew up on farms, we worked on farms, we live on farms. And we’re committed to supporting farmers in everything we do. Whether that’s a nationwide campaign to help the country recognise the value and importance of milk produced on our farms or an open invitation to businesses to test products on our family farm for the benefit of all. We know that changing times and changing technologies can be challenging.

We also know that farmers are some of the most innovative people in the world. It's why we work with a huge range of farming businesses that have diversified into exciting new ventures all across the UK and Ireland. We help farms with every part of their diversification. From the initial ideas and business planning, through brand development and website build, to the marketing that attracts customers and ensures its success. Our expertise and understanding of farm diversification help us help you. We help you step back and see the big picture, finding new opportunities and new potential, and growing your business successfully.


We keep our approach simple and straightforward to focus on the support you need.
We start at the beginning - getting to know you, your audience, and your goals - before
we tell you how we can help. Then we can identify exactly where we can give you the most
effective strategic advice and marketing expertise to help your rural business grow.





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