Nourish Fit Food

Following a recommendation to Nourish Fit Food, we sat down with the founders of this exciting meal delivery service to learn all about their business. Set up in their own kitchen to support a personal training business, they soon found their healthy, pre-prepared meals were in high demand and began delivering nationwide.

But their website wasn’t getting as much traffic as they’d like, and they wanted to reach out to bigger and more diverse audiences.


By focusing on a strong PPC structure with a granular approach to ad campaigns, we maximised the paid search budget and delivered a huge return on investment. We were able to transform Nourish Fit Food from a small supporting role in the founder’s PT business, into a highly successful national company.

Our research into wider audiences has helped grow the brand from its focus on ‘gym-goers’ to a much larger customer base of health-conscious and time-short individuals from multiple demographics. And our work on UX and the customer journey has ensured that those prospects turn into customers.
+656 %

Growth in PPC revenue


Quadrupled business revenue in a 12-month period


UX with new website and streamlined checkout


How we did it

Our first goal was to grow their existing customer base as much as possible. In a highly competitive online market, we needed a highly focused approach to our paid search strategy, in order to maximise the limited budget for online advertising.


Taking an extremely granular approach to every keyword and campaign, combined with a range of creative strategies to understand search intent and identify new demographics to target, we launched a PPC campaign to attract a wide audience of potential customers to Nourish Fit Food who were extremely likely to buy.


But once new users landed on the website, we also had to make sure they could easily order their meals. By conducting a UX audit of the customer journey, we identified a number of hurdles and stumbling blocks that were limiting conversions. We implemented immediate changes, and then building on our findings, we designed a new website to help further increase conversions across a wider audience base.