Having seen our work with Mission 4 Milk and other food & drink brands, Kendamil approached Hillsgreen with a struggling online business model. The company had started to build their unique infant formula milk brand in the UK with it being stocked in many well-known supermarkets including ASDA and Morrisons. However, Kendamil wanted to strengthen their brand further and sell more of their products directly to customers via their own website. Competitive pricing and the delicate task of attracting an audience away from well-known infant baby formula brands was a big challenge.


Social media advertising drove a 26% increase in transactions from Facebook from 2018-19. Revenue attributed to Paid Search increased by 1,720%, with a 719% increase in transactions year on year. Not only did we decrease the cost per acquisition but we also increased the average order value by 50%.
+719 %

Increase in transactions YoY

+50 %

Increase in average order value

-82 %

Decrease in cost per acquisition YoY


How we did it

Kendamil had started to establish themselves online and were utilising Paid Search to drive website sales.  This was working, however, the cost per new customer acquisition was too high for it to remain sustainable.

We started by reviewing current performance and testing a wide range of automation within Google Ads.  The best strategy for us was to move away from smart shopping and take manual control of the shopping campaigns, layered in with automated bidding. This proved a much more effective way of managing performance and driving growth.

Kendamil needed to reach a wider audience online and communicate their key USP’s, for example being British made and not using fish oil or palm oil.  To do this we tested display adverts and YouTube ads, we explored both branded and non-branded search terms and we rolled out a series of ads on Facebook to create a sophisticated sales funnel and effective remarketing campaign.

We also utilised UX tracking software to further understand user behaviour on  This data allowed us to make a number of recommendations onsite which improved user experience and overall site conversion rate.  Ultimately, we wanted customers to make repeat purchases and become loyal, so we proposed and implemented a subscription-based service which gave customers free delivery and peace of mind that they would never run out of baby milk.