Electric Fence Online

Electric Fence Online, owned by Gallagher Europe B.V., provide a complete solution in electric fencing and everything one could need to keep animals. Their aim is to provide a complete solution for all end-users, including farmers and smallholders.

The Electric Fence Online team are based in the Netherlands with a strong knowledge of the electric fencing industry, but with limited knowledge of the online behaviour of the farmers in the UK. With Hillsgreen’s knowledge of UK agriculture combined with our digital marketing expertise, we were well matched to help Electric Fence Online build their brand, improve website performance and ultimately increase online sales.


Over the initial 12-month campaign we saw a 27% increase in conversion rate on-site, despite limitations with website functionality. Paid search was key to help grow sales, generating over 60% of revenue per month. After 6 months we introduced paid social advertising to support this activity with both additional traffic driving and remarketing campaigns.
+667 %

Increase in site revenue YoY


Maintained ROAS achieved from Paid Search


Paid social attributed revenue in 5 months


How we did it

Our focus was on paid search and paid social activity. Before starting and throughout the activity we looked at website performance to highlight any recommendations which would improve the user experience on-site and ultimately the site conversion rate. Having undertaken a full UX audit and reviewed the website from the perspective of the potential customer we identified key drop-off areas on-site, particularly focused on the checkout stage.


For paid search, we focused on a strong campaign structure, with a granular and precise approach for pushing key products at various times of the year. Taking seasonality into consideration here we really focused on pushing alternative products during off-peak seasons. Achieving strong revenue figures at a time which would usually be a quiet period.


We also used paid social as part of our approach. With a smaller paid social budget, the main priority was to push two more profitable brands and build the Electric Fence Online brand via Facebook ads. With higher drop-offs on site before purchasing, we implemented remarketing campaigns to direct users back to site to complete their purchase. This really helped to generate additional purchases that would have otherwise been lost.


Overall, our combined approach helped to drive significant increases in website traffic and revenue year on year for Electric Fence Online. We are now working with EFO to build their traffic and sales further via Organic Search through Technical SEO and a content creation activity.