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As the UK’s leading manufacturer of temporary protection materials, Protec already had a well-established position in their market. But they wanted to grow further and were looking to increase both their overall sales and the return on their investment. Having worked with a number of large agencies in the past, they were conscious about throwing money at the “same old thing”.

Redefining objectives, identifying opportunities

Following a thorough audit of the Protec website and all current marketing activity, we could quickly see areas where previous efforts had fallen short or were under-utilised. We crunched the numbers and analysed the data so that we could get a clear picture of the current business, and what might be possible with some good old fashioned hard work.

Setting strong objectives for the e-commerce platform, we re-focused all the ad campaigns, taking advantage of Google Shopping and remarketing techniques. We re-addressed all on-site content to speak to target audiences – whilst still incorporating essential keywords. And we analysed user behaviour to determine how we could improve conversions even further.



Working closely with Protec for almost 2 years now, we have driven a big increase in revenue year on year and ensured their overall return on investment has improved dramatically too. Alongside this, we’ve helped design, develop and target their superb new website to maximise every possible opportunity from every kind of a user.

• Increased overall sales year on year by 12%

• Improved ROI from their digital investment

• Launched new, more targeted website – www.protection.co.uk 

• Boosted traffic, engagement and conversions

It's not only our revenue that has grown, the overall ROI has improved too!

“Hillsgreen has a team of experienced and highly skilled specialists at its disposal and we have benefitted greatly across all disciplines. Since 2016 it’s not only our revenue that has grown, the overall ROI has improved too. Alongside the continuous programme of maximising the performance of the digital marketing campaign, Hillsgreen have been instrumental in the development and the launch of our new website which was launched in February 2018. Without hesitation, I would recommend Hillsgreen to any prospective clients.”

Darren Moore, MD
Protec International Ltd.
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