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Events can be big business, but only if they attract the right people.

We worked with a well-established client within the North West to target a nationwide audience and gain more interest for the event and promote the business to potential clients.

Refining Best Practice, Identifying Opportunities

Following a thorough audit of current marketing activity around the event, we saw opportunities both on social media and on the website. We provided recommendations for quick wins, and advice on best practice for running an organic social media account.

We created more engagement with posts on the event, generating a need and desire to attend. With unique tracking, we were able to drive interested users to the website and capture data to gain insight into interest and reduce administration work on the day of the event.

But we didn’t stop there. In support of organic activity, we created paid social remarketing campaigns targeting three key demographics. These demographics were key to getting the right people at the event. Through remarketing, we were able to get a significant number of event sign-ups prior to the day.


By focusing on attracting the ideal target audience, we were able to create more awareness and excitement around the event, and direct traffic straight to the website for more information.

  1. Increased website traffic by 612%.
  2. Designed website forms for data capture.
  3. Assisted in achieving 2717 goal completions on the website.
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