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Agriculture is a small world – One where old colleagues and acquaintances often crop up when you least expect it. As a new member of the Hillsgreen team joined, so did Bonanza Calf Nutrition. The company are well-renowned for their production of skim milk replacers for calves, lambs and kids in Ireland. However, they wanted to expand their audience.

They needed to grow their online presence to build on their brand awareness and really stand out against competitors.

Sharing Knowledge and Engaging with Farmers

The overall goal here was to increase website traffic and social engagement through organic social. Through consistent social media content, we were able to increase engagement but to really drive this channel we needed to get under the skin of the audience. Not just considering who Bonanza’s target audience may be, but also who is currently engaging with the brand via their various social channels. By doing this, we were able to tailor a mix of content for each audience and improve engagement.

But we didn’t stop there. Bonanza Calf Nutrition are all about calf health, this comes first and foremost. Because of this, we wanted to create a hub where Bonanza could share their knowledge and become well-known leaders in this area – a big driver in this was the creation of a Twitter chat and dedicated Facebook group.


Our research into audience demographics and engagement has allowed Bonanza Calf Nutrition’s social media accounts to thrive. We were able to create increased awareness of the brand and we continue to build on engagement across all channels.

The introduction of tailored content, alongside a dedicated knowledge hub has helped to build on the success of this account:

  • – 54% increase in users to site
  • – 76% increase in organic search to site
  • – 97% increase in social media referrals to site
  • – 326% and 300% increase MoM in follower engagement on respective social media accounts
  • – 46% engagement rate for the first standalone twitter chat


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