What is High Performance to you?

By Aidie Street
25th February 2022

What is High Performance to you?

As one of Britain’s best-respected sports presenters, Jake Humphrey has witnessed first-hand the highs and lows of some of the most remarkable athletes on earth. And in his multi-million download podcast, High Performance, he teams up with Professor Damian Hughes to examine the secrets of the world’s highest-performing people.

The Hillsgreen team (minus two) headed to Manchester for a thought-provoking evening at the High-Performance Podcast Live, where they were were joined by the Tempest Two and Russell Cane.

No such thing as can’t

Founded on a belief that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things, in 2015 James Whittle and Tom Caulfield, two adventurers from London decided that they wanted to tackle one of the hardest challenges on the planet. A 3,000 mile row across the Atlantic which they did unaided and with no experience whatsoever. As a result, The Tempest Two was born.

Their keynote contained a balance of epic storytelling, actionable takeaways, and entertainment. Delivering a passionate and engaging story with energy and humour, emphasising the importance of collaboration and teamwork to achieve the unthinkable, something the Hillsgreen team certainly resonate with. Demonstrating how by removing the word can’t (in their opinion the most toxic word in the English dictionary) from their vocabulary, they could realise their potential. Something we can all do.

Hard Work + Sacrifice x Joy.

Comedian Russell Kane, gave a heartfelt live interview about his life and learning, urging us all to be authentic, to surround yourself with people who will challenge you and to make sure joy is at the centre of what you do and his formula for high performance.

A truly inspiring evening, the team left insightful. Reflecting on the takeaways below which we can all implement into our daily lives, whilst sharing their thoughts on what high performances means to them.

‘Take a moment to breathe, and consider where you focus is at present’
– Cat.


1. Take responsibility 

The interview with Robbie Van Persie focused on taking responsibility for what you do control. How no matter what life throws at you, you are responsible for discerning what is happening to you and how you respond.
It isn’t the fact, it is how you react – It might be their fault, but it is your problem.

Do what you said you would” – Sam.

2. Don’t get too high on your own supply

‘No man steps in the same river twice, because the river has changed, and so has the man’.
Remember that nothing is permanent, we evolve and change all the time. When things are going well, accept it but don’t sit getting high on your own supply – know it may not always be the case. You might be at the top of your game but be humble. There is always more to learn. 

“Be a candle” – Anna.

3. Practise kindness

Be kind – to others in business, life and don’t forget to do the same with yourself.

Practise kindness… kindness makes the world go round in my eyes” – Shabawn

4. Deliver world class basics

Don’t think that getting closer to high performance means doing something huge or unobtainable.
Whether it’s manners, being on time, presenting yourself properly, respecting other people, listening and taking on board their opinions. They’re basic things, but do them to a world-class level every day and you will get closer to high performance.

High performance comes from world class basics” – Aidie.

5. Comparison will rob your happiness

Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel. Comparison is the biggest thief of happiness. Run your own race and don’t get caught up in inadequacy by comparing yourself against others.

“Win your own Olympics” – Becs

Doing the best you can, where you are, with what you have got.

Whilst there are many descriptions of high performance throughout the podcasts, the definition above is Jake and Damians favourite- which we think summarises the practises we can take well.

So, what does high performance mean to you? Let us know!

For more insights we highly recommend a listen of the High Performance Podcast.


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