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The UK’s FIRST Business Conference aimed solely at the rural and agricultural sector

By Andy Venables
4th October 2019

The UK’s FIRST Business Conference aimed solely at the rural and agricultural sector

Do you want to learn how to grow your rural business? Do you want to discover the tricks to turning a farm shop or failing agri-company into a multi-million-pound success? Do you want to know how to survive – and thrive – in the rural sector, despite all the changes we’re facing?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need to join us at Cultivate.

What is Cultivate?

Cultivate is the first business conference that’s dedicated to the rural and agricultural sector. Every speaker, every mastermind session, and every delegate will all be involved in rural and agricultural businesses.

We’re calling it The Rural Growth Summit, because it’s all about helping your business grow and succeed.

Hillsgreen have partnered with SRH Agribusiness to bring you this exciting, day-long event on January 29th 2020.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants their rural business to survive future challenges, to implement new innovations and new strategies, and to achieve new successes.

Cultivate is all about helping rural businesses grow, so if you work in or own a rural or agricultural business – or you provide services to the rural sector – then you’ll want to join us.

Whether you’re an owner/operator, a farm manager, a supplier, a processor, a contractor or a marketing manager… Cultivate will give you expert insight into how you can transform your business and plan for future growth.

What’s happening on the day?

You’ll hear from 4 inspirational speakers, each one chosen for their knowledge, their experience and the secrets they can share with you to make the changes you need to survive and to thrive.

In the morning, Malcolm Smith will give you all the tips you need to get more done on the farm and in your business through the Art of Delegation. He’s followed by the highly accomplished Brad Walden, who’ll share his 7 Essential Habits of Effective Leadership.

By lunch, you’ll already have a wealth of tips to help you make improvements in your business.

After lunch, Ross McMahon explains why as a dairy farmer he bought a failing business for £1… and how he turned it in huge, global success. Then Jane Lane will share her story of turning a roadside farm shop into a £100m business.

As if the inspiration, tactics and determination you’ll learn from these speakers wasn’t enough to kick-start your business growth, in between we’ll also have two unique mastermind sessions. Here, you’ll get the chance to ask for specific advice for your business, discussing the challenges you’re facing and finding solutions together with like-minded, forward-thinking people.

And of course, throughout the day they’ll be plenty of opportunity for drinks, food and networking.

Why should I attend?

Because you want your rural business to succeed. It’s that simple.

We’re facing constant challenges in the rural sector, ones that are changing all the time. In order to survive, we need to embrace change and innovation, learn new ways of operating and deploy new tactics.

Cultivate gives you and your business that head start. It’s your chance to learn from those who have been in your position and to draw inspiration and ideas from their success.

It’s your opportunity to get real, actionable strategies and problem-solving tactics that you can implement as soon as you get back to work the next day.

Attend Cultivate, and your rural business will stand out, grow and succeed.

Where do I buy tickets?

Head over to to get your tickets for Cultivate – The Rural Growth Summit, on Wednesday 29th January 2020.

Discounts are available for early birds and those wishing to buy more than one ticket.Go back


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