Our 2020 Round-Up

By Liz Mortimer
17th December 2020

Our 2020 Round-Up

We all know what 2020 has been like, so we won’t dwell on that! Instead, we want to finish the year by looking back at what we’ve achieved and what we’ve actually loved about 2020.

It’s been a busy one so bear with us!

  • First up, on the 29th January, we co-hosted the inaugural Cultivate Conference. A sell-out with 250 attendees, the day was a great success. One we can’t wait to share with you again! For those who missed it, you can watch the talks here for free:
  • We attended Dairy Tech to promote Mission4Milk. A big thank you to the RADBF for the support with a stand and Mole Valley Farmers for sponsoring our banners so we could give them away for free!
Mission4Milk stand at Dairy-Tech 2020
  • Over the last 12 months we have welcomed not one, but three, new team members! Expanding our client services and business development teams. Keep your eyes peeled for more new faces in 2021 as we look to grow even more.
  • With more manpower, came more services and we officially launched our Pay-on-Results PR offering. Gaining coverage for our clients across key farming press, local print, and radio.
  • We’re fortunate to have great clients and we’re proud to say we have grown our client base this year. As a small (but mighty!) agency, not many know we’ve gone global! Here’s a map to show the width and breadth of our clients:
Map of Hillsgreen clients
  • Our Rural Roundtable went online! Whilst we have missed seeing your faces in person and fuelling you with breakfast, we wanted to continue bringing you these sessions. So, we went online, and we decided to run one every month. We’ve covered a whole host of topics this year, bringing in special guests and we will look to continue bringing you interesting and informative topics in 2021.

  • Mission4Milk brought farmers together! Amidst everything, the Co-Op decided earlier this year to honour their milk price. As a thank you, we helped bring messages from Co-Op farmers together to share a video with everyone. The video captured the attention of the Co-Op and shortly after we welcomed Co-Op CEO, Steve Murrells, to Hills Green Farm along with his team.
Farmers thanking the Co-Op for standing by milk price
  • One of the most important things to happen this year – our team photoshoot! We’re so happy to have had Jo Eardley Photography join us as a partner this year to provide our clients with amazing photographs. We couldn’t not have some of our own!
Some of the Hillsgreen team
  • Across our site one of the most popular downloads is our Marketing to Farmers slides, so we wanted to give you an updated version. As a result, our Marketing to Farmers report was born! Following a survey of 300 farmers and a lot of analysing data, our 2021 report is now underway. You can register your interest in this report by completing the form at the bottom of our homepage.
  • Throughout it all, we’re most proud of just staying afloat and keeping going for our clients. At one stage we had various ‘offices’ across the country and even a depot in Poland, but we’ve made it!

  • Not satisfied with all of this, you are now reading this blog on our brand new, sparkly, website! After what started off as a bit of a refresh, we felt our old site no longer represented us as a team so a full redesign and build later, here we are.

It is so important to reflect on the year and look for the positives – believe us, they are there! Whether you kept ploughing on with work or got to spend more time at home, more quality time with two-legged or four-legged children, this year has taught us a lot about what really matters!

Our last Rural Roundtable of 2020 was on mental health and we take this as another positive to this year. It has been particularly trying for most peoples’ mental health, but it has got people talking about it. Even in agriculture where mental health was often more of a taboo subject, this year we saw the first #AgMentalHealthWeek, and more people talking about mental health can only be a positive thing!

We sign off by asking you to think about three wins from your year and encourage you to share them – comment here, share on social, send them round to colleagues or friends. No matter how small, a win is a win.

Merry Christmas everyone and we hope you have a great New Year. See you in 2021. 


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