New Look, Same Commitment: Growing Your Business

By Andy Venables
16th May 2019

You might have noticed something a little different recently. We’ve been making some small changes here and there, giving our brand a little facelift, tweaking our logo, and updating a few bits and pieces on the website.


Because we’re passionate about helping rural businesses in any way we can, and we want to make sure you know that.

Because in business and marketing, nothing sits still. The requirements of our clients are always changing.
And because change is good. It helps us stay fresh, focused, and forward-thinking.

More than marketing

The primary reason for refreshing our brand is to reflect our updated mission and goals.

The more work we’ve done with our clients, the more time we’ve spent in the rural sector, and the more we’ve helped businesses we care about diversify, improve and achieve great things… the more we’ve realised that’s what we do best.

We help rural businesses grow

It’s not just our marketing expertise. It’s not just what we do as a result of our marketing experience. It’s what we’re passionate about.

Hillsgreen is not just a rural marketing agency. Marketing is just one of the areas we’re focused on.

Hillsgreen is a partner to help your business grow. We’re here to support your business development, to provide advice on planning, products and strategy. We’re focused on your business growth – whatever direction that may take.

Our mission is simple: To help rural businesses grow

We don’t need to overcomplicate our brand or go into massive amounts of detail.

We just need to do what works best for your business. Whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals, reach new heights, and get to where you want to be.

And that’s what we do.

We bring in experts in every field – from business planning & strategy development to every branding & marketing discipline – to give you the best possible support in growing your business.

We’re still the same bunch of people committed to helping your business in any way, shape or form. We’re just shouting about it a bit more.


  • if you’re an ambitious rural business
  • if you want to move on from where you are now
  • if you’ve got big goals you want to reach

Get in touch with us at Hillsgreen.

First we’d love to hear about them, and then we’d love to help you achieve them.


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