Marketing Workshops

By Andy Venables
23rd October 2020

Marketing Workshop Special Offer

Are you and your team all aligned and pulling in the same direction?

So much time, effort and money is wasted by businesses each year by leaders not taking the time to ensure that all the team is clear on the business plans/focus.

The Covid situation has thrown many business plans out of the window and they have had to adapt to the ever-changing situation we find ourselves in. This should not mean that we don’t have a plan, actually it is more important that time is spent to get clear on the immediate/short term plans and the marketing activity required to deliver on these plans.

Getting clear on your business vision, objectives, and marketing strategy is what will set you up for future success. Investing in marketing workshops are not only vital at the beginning of your business journey, but a consistent review is necessary to ensure you are on track to meet your goals, which may also change over time.

Take Advantage of our Special Offer

With 2021 just around the corner, make sure you are set up for success by taking advantage of £50 off our marketing workshops if booked before the end of December 2020 – Pay just £400 + VAT for a half-day session that includes, preparation, room hire, refreshments, and workshop delivery. Alternatively, pay £300 + VAT for your personalised virtual planning session.

Our workshops will ensure you leave the room clear on:

  1. Your Marketing Objectives
  2. What Success Looks Like
  3. Your Target Audience
  4. Your Story & Offering
  5. Your Core Messaging
  6. Your Marketing Budget
  7. How To Measure Performance
  8. Marketing Activities To Undertake
  9. Who Is Responsible For What
Our Venue

We have the facilities to run our marketing workshops from our offices in Congleton, Cheshire in a covid-secure way of course!

What Our Clients Say…

“Hillsgreen have been instrumental in helping us launch our brand new Accountancy business. They clearly understood our ambitions and needs from the very start. We see them as a key part of our team.“.

Suzanne Preston, Brightshire Accountancy

We always enjoy working alongside Hillsgreen because not only is there hospitality faultless but so is there expertise.  Andy and the Hillsgreen Team have worked with us from day one and shown genuine care for the growth of the business. I can only describe the experience of working with them as feeling like an extension of the Oakwood family.

Lydia Sirovica, Oakwood Valuation Surveyors

“Hillsgreen’s honest, and friendly advice has jet propelled our business to a place I never thought we could achieve, and they have done so, so quickly

Sarah Heath, Heaton House Farm

“Hillsgreen are enhancing their reputation for delivering effective marketing insights backed up by boots-on-the-ground experience and application – delighted to be involved with them”.

Simon Haley, SRH Agribusiness

“The marketing workshops we have done with the Hillsgreen team have been superb – The team had a professional, yet friendly approach and really got us thinking!”.

Nicky Bowden, Nantwich Farm Vets

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