How To Come Up with Blog Ideas

By Katherine Furness
30th September 2021

Tasked with coming up with blog ideas for your business? Blogs are a perfect way to access new customers and deepen the bond between you and your existing customers. A longer-form platform, a blog allows you to really explore your tone of voice. Without the noise of social media, you can display your personality and expertise.

But what on earth should you write about?

Solve the problem

Writer’s block? First things first, remember that you are an expert in your day-to-day. Your customer (or potential customer) is probably not.

In your business, you’ll undoubtedly answer questions every day. Questions that you answer without a second thought. Questions that take a more-detailed explanation. Common misconceptions that frustrate you. All perfect topics to write a blog on!

A blog is your opportunity to pre-empt your customers’ (& potential customers’) questions and answer them thoroughly and accurately. A winning method for coming up with ideas is to simply note down (mentally or on an actual list, if your memory is anything like mine!) questions as you’re asked them by customers or prospects. This can also be a huge time saver in the long-run, customers can reference your blog rather than phoning you up!

If you can educate your customers, you’ll fly up in their estimations. They’ll associate your business with gaining value, in the form of education.

Even better than this, you’ll be seen as the business who understands. Understands their problems, understands what they struggle with. All of a sudden, you’re the go-to for that little bit of useful info they never knew before. The trust builds, a customer can rely on you to solve their problem/supply a quality product or service because you understand them and their needs.

Further to this (yes there’s more), if an existing customer has this question, it’s certain that tons of un-tapped customers will have exactly the same question. They might even be searching the question…

Which brings us to…

Search tools

Websites such as Answer The Public allow you to get inside the mind of your ideal customer. Okay, no mind-reading services here but stay with us! Using autocomplete data from search engines, these services have done the hard work for you. All you have to do is search the terms or subjects relevant to your business and a whole list of the most commonly searched questions will appear. Ideal for blog ideas! This takes away your bias and could open up a whole new perspective you’d never considered.


A trending story is also a great blog topic. The key here is to bring your own angle. Regurgitating isn’t going to engage anyone. Offering information with your business’ commentary is much more interesting to a reader. Depending on your business this could be industry news, the latest meme or a sporting event even. This could be as simple as taking a complicated subject/paper and translating it to basic English!

Being a little controversial can pay dividends here. Thinking of what your ideal customers’ opinions will be and tapping into them. Not everyone will resonate. But if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no-one. We’ve all got opinions and aligning with your target customers’ opinions can be powerful. It makes your business memorable and creates common ground on an emotional level. Not to mention, your content just became much more sharable. Readers will share to their networks, who probably have similar views and preferences, increasing your reach into the right audiences.


If your mind’s blank when it comes to blog ideas, stay calm. Use our strategies and in no time you’ll be spoilt for choice with topics! (Then save them up for the next blog!) In the meantime, you can check out our other resources here.


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