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Food & Farming: Young People Are Transforming Food Production

By Andy Venables
26th June 2019

Over the last few months, we’ve been out and about around the Cheshire countryside. We’ve been over to Ireland on a rural road trip. And we’ve travelled up and down the country to farming conferences.

And there’s something we’ve noticed.

British & Irish food production has never been better.

From local farmers’ markets to start-ups shipping their produce nationally, the standard and quality of grown or reared food is incredible.

Young farmers leading the way

One of the main trends we’ve seen with food producers is the rise of young people in the industry.

These are not just young people who have been born and raised on a farm, and are following in their family’s footsteps. These are young people who are entering the food production sector for the first time.

Many of them are completely new to farming, teaching themselves as they go.

And the results are incredible.

The BBC Food and Farming Awards for example, have never had so many entries in the category, and never have the standards been so high. There’s a real excitement across the industry.

Of the three selected finalists, two were young farmers who have ventured into the cheesemaking and beef rearing sectors respectively. The third has set-up their own food production company rearing ducks from scratch.

Martin Gott, of Holker Farm, was learning from a blossoming, youthful cheesemaking industry in the United States, whilst the family behind Wild By Nature meats taught themselves farming techniques when they moved to the area 5 years ago.

The result is often a return to traditional farming techniques that may have died out through mass production – infused with new technologies and modern marketing techniques.

The highest quality – from source to table

The three BBC Food & Farming award finalists – and all the independent food producers we’ve met over the last few months – all share one thing in common.

A commitment to the highest quality and the best possible taste.

To achieve this, they’re using this combination of old techniques and new technologies to control the entire process – to bring everything under one roof, from rearing and butchering to producing and dispatching direct to the end customer.

And it works. It ensures quality from source to table, bringing the very best tastes without compromise.

Uniting the production and sales process is helping food producers all across the country.

Traditional techniques with modern technologies

Fusing traditional techniques with modern technologies is something we do at Hillsgreen too, helping rural food producers to reach wider audiences and market their produce effectively.

We bring the tried and tested methods of advertising and communication, but combine that with the latest technologies and new digital channels, to maximise exposure and ensure producers are investing in the right marketing areas.

We know that farmers and food producers want to control as much of the process as possible, and we help them to manage their own marketing strategies. We bring in the specialists when they are needed, whilst educating farmers in new techniques so they can run their own marketing in the future.

Want to learn more about how Hillsgreen can help you maximise your rural food production business? Get in touch here.


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