At Hillsgreen, we live and breathe all things Ag. Always have, always will. Our passion for agriculture unites our team, and we’ve all got strong ties with the ag sector. From growing up on family farms to working within the sector as soon as we were old enough – we know agriculture. Agriculture is the backbone of our country. It feeds a nation. And yet so many people outside of the industry just don’t understand it. They don’t know the levels of expertise and commitment demonstrated every single day, and they’ve no idea of the amount of incredible technology used across the industry. Following a survey of over 300 British farmers, our 2021 Marketing to Farmers report, looks to understand how farmers are using online for their business. Highlighting key shifts in behaviour over the last 5+ years that must be taken into consideration to produce an effective marketing plan.

With so many great agricultural businesses out there, we’re here to help them show off. To demonstrate to a wider audience the skills, the passion, and the results in a thriving Ag sector. There’s changing times in agriculture. Changing technology. Changing generations. It’s a world that’s constantly evolving, with new pressures, new demands, and new challenges. But there’s also loads of new opportunities. Our expertise and understanding of all things ag help us help you. To communicate more effectively, to market more efficiently, and to grow your business successfully. You can download our latest Marketing to Farmers report below.

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Marketing To Farmers Report 2021

After a survey of over 300 UK farmers we have crunched the data to give you some great insights into:

  • Farmers buying behaviour
  • How they use online
  • Their Social Media activity
  • And much more!


    We keep our approach simple and straightforward to focus on the support you need.
    We start at the beginning - getting to know you, your audience, and your goals - before
    we tell you how we can help. Then we can identify exactly where we can give you the most
    effective strategic advice and marketing expertise to help your rural business grow.



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